AFT Fire Protection


Tyco Fire Protection and Mech manufacture a full range of flanged and roll grooved valves and accessories.

Available products

Wet Sprinkler Alarm Valves – Tyco

Available in:

  • Roll Grooved & Flanged
  • 80mm-150mm

Butterfly Valves – Mech

Available in:

  • 25mm-50mm Screwed
  • 50mm-300mm Roll Grooved
  • 65mm-300mm Wafer

Swing Check Valves – Mech

Available in:

  • Standard & Shotgun
  • 50mm-200mm

Waste & Test Valves – Tyco

Available in:

  • 50mm x 15mm

Retard Chambers – Tyco

Water Motor Alarm – Tyco

Available in:

  • Single & Double gong

Our technical specifications are available in PDF.
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Butterfly Valves

Check Valve

Alarm Check Valves