AFT Fire Protection Esctutcheon Plates

Escutcheon Plates & Guards

A full range of Fire protection accessories and products are available from AFT including the following.

Available products

Escutcheon Plate

Available in:

  • White or Chrome
  • 10mm, 15mm or 20mm
  • Push on or Screw on Adjustment

Seismic Escutcheon Plate

Also used to cover large hole size.

One Piece Dome Escutcheon Plate

Available in white & chrome finished for 15mm heads.

Extended Adjustable Escutcheon

Used to lower head position below ceiling to avoid baffles.

3 Piece Escutcheon Plate

Install without needing to drain down the water or removing the sprinkler.

Clean Room Concealed Plate

Dust free seal around the concealed sprinkler head plate.

Escutcheon Install Tool

Install the outer Push-on escutcheon plate from the ground.
No needing to use a ladder.
Simply slip the outer escutcheon on to the tool and push it up over the installed inner escutcheon ring from the ground.

Chrome Sprinkler Guard

Mainly used on exposed heads.

Recessed Sprinkler Guard

Can be used with an escutcheon plate for extra protection to the sprinkler head.

Upright Sprinkler Guard

External upright sprinkler guard with cover plate built in.